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Privacy Policy

How we hold and process your personal information is of the high importance for us. We handle these according to Data protection standards, under the current Law and Regulations to meet the criteria by ICO- Information Commissioner’s Office. Lumière Casting Ltd. Is a company registered in England and Wales as a business under the number 14585499,

of 85 Great Portland St, First floor, W1W 7LT

National insurance and Tax

As an actor or supporting artist you will be working with us based on contract and you are fully responsible  for paying your tax and national Insurance. You should be registered as self-employed business and file your self-assessment tax returns. All the information available on HMRC websites.


In order to be able to work on set with children and on BBC productions, you need to have a valid DBS - Basic Disclosure Certificate. These are issued for 18 months and they usually cost approx £23. You can apply and find information on

Once you receive it, please forward the copy to us by email.

Terms and Conditions

Lumière Casting Talent Terms and conditions.

Contract / Supporting Artist.

Between: Lumière Casting Ltd, 85 Great Portland Street, W1W 7LT, referred as "we" or "us" and Supporting artist, referred bellow as "You"

1. By registering with Lumiere Casting you agree to following Terms & Conditions, as specified in this contract. Please contacts us with any questions.

2. If you want to be fully registered artist and increase your job offers, you must send us filled in Registration form (which you will receive), photographs as required by us, and any other copies of necessary documents, such as ID, or work permit/ settled status share code or visa.

3. You agree to obtain and provide a criminal check record, should this be required by production you will be working on.

4. You agree that you don't have any unspent criminal convictions prior confirming the work with us.

5. You can confirm that you are legally entitled to work and live in UK.

6. You agree that your details and photographs  may be forwarded by us to a third party - our client we cast for (referred as a "production company"),  and may be used on our website.

7. You agree that Lumiere Casting may contact you with any news and enquiries related to castings and roles offered.


8. We reserve the right to decline your application to be registered, or  to remove you from the books. 

9. Registered artists  will receive an approval via message or email after we process your application. You need to provide us with valid bank details, in order to be paid for work.

10. Lumiere Casting fees and commissions: 

Every booking you are engaged in as "Supporting Artist", or "Walk-on", "Featured Artist", according to a role booked by a Production, You will be charged a fee of 18% commission. The deduction will be made upon transferring to your bank account. You will receive a job remittance by email.


Data Privacy

11. By providing us your details You are responsible for the valid information and accuracy of your details. These should be regularly updated by You.

12. Under the Data Protection Act (1998) and GDPR (2018), we will use your data for the purposes as stated in this contract, and as agreed by You. We do not share your details with any other parties, other than productions who we cast for. We oblige to use, store and forward your data safely, using secure technology.

13. You have the right to ask us to be removed from our books at any time, and we agree to delete and destroy any of your private material, and data we have stored.

Booking work

14.  We cannot guarantee any offers become booked work. 

15. You are not obliged to accept offers. Any offers that you have accepted, you are obliged to reserve free for a short period of time, as upon our conversation, and inform us about any changes, should you become not free.

16. If we will book you for work, You have to confirm your booking with us by email or via messaging and comply with rules on set (if any questions, please contact us). If for any reason you are not able to attend your job, You have to contact us as soon as possible. Failing doing so may result in removal from books. 

17. In case we receive a cancellation by production company, we will inform you immediately. The production company has the right to cancel a booking at any time, and without a charge - the day before the booking by midday.

18. "Late comers": Understandably, some cases of late arrivals to work are unavoidable, eg. due to strikes on public transport, accidents, feeling not well etc. Productions might change your call time, or let us know about your late arrival. In case of repeatedly arriving late to work, we might terminate your registration with us.

19. Productions standardly create agreements between Them and You which you need to agree to be bound by during your work booked. Usually you will receive it by email to sign electronically or sign on a day a paper version.

20. You will receive details of a booked job prior  working day. It may take some time for production to release those, typically these are forwarded the day before the booking.

21. You are responsible for the way you choose to travel to work location, and for the accurate timing to arrive within your call time. On  some occasion, special roles and such, production might provide the transport for.

22. While working on set, You need to keep the rules and comply  with production standards, these might be also given to you on a day.

23. Be professional, behave appropriate, be courteous.

24. There might be additional documents to sign, such as Release forms or Covid 19 forms. These are provided by Production Companies. In order to get paid, it is compulsory to sign them.

25. Any unacceptable behaviour on set will not be tolerated. If you see anyone behaving this way, please report to us.

Production Terms of Confidentiality


26. Productions may ask you to sign the forms - Non Disclosure agreement, alternatively it might be sent by us to sign digitally. 

27. Any details about the work you will be booked for are strictly confidential and you must not share it with anyone.

28. You must refrain from taking any photographs, making recording - film or sound, whilst on set.

29. Posting any material, social media posts, web content or any other way of publication is not accepted. 

30. Doing any of the above can cause your removal from the books.


31. Any fees and payments for your work will be deposited to our accounts and You authorise us - Lumiere Casting to receive and proceed the fees further to your accounts using BACS, directly to your account.

32.  After completing your work, you will receive a summary of work by email. Any inaccuracies must be raised and noted to us before you accept it.

33. The standard period of receiving the fees from productions is six weeks, however this can take longer and it is individual to every production. If the waiting period exceeds 8 weeks we will chase up the payments.

34. After receiving funds from production company, we will deduct 18% commission and VAT. The balance due to you will be paid into your accounts.

35. We will email you the remittance.

36. If the production company is providing you with the paper chit on a day, it is your responsibility to keep this copy, signed by you and a member of a production team. We are not able to retrieve it for you.


37. You may terminate this contract at any time by deleting your profile with us and informing us by either email or calling us.

38. Any remaining payments will be deposited to your accounts.

39. Whenever under this contract any sum of  money is payable by or recoverable from you and due to us, then we may deduct of offset the amount of sum from any fees we receive on your behalf. We will notify you that we have done so.

40. This contract, all matters regarding the interpretation or enforcement of it, and any other matters or disputes arising in connection with it shall be governed by English law and you and we hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Film and TV rates

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Supporting artist rates

Theatre rates

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Theatre performers Equity

Actors Rates

Rates are agreed dependant on type of the role based on current Equity performers rates/Guilds.


On agreed individual rate. It can vary as either a day rate, fixed rate, half day or hourly. Additional usage fees may apply.


Usually negotiated, depending on type of role, hours-days agreed, night shoot etc. Usage fees may apply.


Agreed on hourly rate.

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