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New Artists

If you wish to join our Supporting Artists books please emailt us at with a little bit about yourself, One of our tean members will come back to you. You can include one photograph, ideally a clean headshot. The further info will be emailed to you. 

Existing artits

For any updates or enquiries please email us to

It's important to keep your details fresh and add to your profile more experience or any details that might increase your portfolio.


#With every booking you will receive the Emergency contact

#Try not to cancel the booked job unless necessary reasons come up. It is not easy to replace you sometimes.

#The quicker you get back to us when you receive job enquiry, the better chance of booking you. Productions might need a quick selection from us,

#Your reputation is also our reputation. Usually things go nice if we are nice.


+44 (0)7563 243 105


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